Selected Publications

I have published under the names: Ajayi-obe, O. O., Ogundipe, Y and Ogundipe, O. O.

Unpublished article

Ogundipe,  O. O.  (2018). Selected Food and Vegetable Phytochemicals from West Africa: The Risk and Health Benefits

Peer reviewed Journal Articles

Ozgen, U, Houghton, PJ, Ogundipe, Y & Coskun, M. (2003). ‘Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Onosma argentatum and Rubia peregrina’ Fitoterapia, 74 (7-8): 682 – 685

Dubey, N. K., Houghton, P. J. and Ogundipe, O. O. (2003). Anticandidal and antidermatophytic activity of four essential India oils (unpublished)

Moody, J. O., Ojo O. O., Omotade O. O., Adeyemo A. A., Olumese P. E., Ogundipe O. O. (2003). Anti-sickling potential of a Nigerian herbal formula (ajawaron HF) and the major plant component (Cissus populnea L. CPK). Phytotherapy Research. Dec, 17(10): 1173-6

Ogundipe, O. O., Moody, J. O., Akinyemi, T. O., & Raman, A. (2003). Hypoglycemic potentials of methanolic extracts of selected plant foods in alloxanized mice. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 58(3): 1-7

Ogundipe, O. O., Moody,  O. and Ladipo, O. B. (2000). Antimicrobial activity of Mallotus oppositifolius. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 30(3): 213-215

Farombi, E. O., Ogundipe, O. O., Uhunwangho, E. S., Adeyanju, M. A., Olarenwaju, J. and Moody, J. O. (2003).  Antioxidant properties of Extracts from Alchornea laxiflora (Benth) Pax and Hoffman. Phytotherapy Research 17 (7): 713–716

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Technical Reports

Adeniyi, J. D., Omotade, O. O. and Ajayi-obe, O. O. (1994). Assessment of the Bamako Initiative Implementation in Nigeria FGN/UNICEF. Ibadan: University of Ibadan

Adeniyi, J. D., Moody, J. O., Ekpeyong, D., Olaseha I., Omotade, O. O., Omololu O. and Ogundipe, O. O. (1996). Evaluation of  Bamako Initiative in Nigeria – A technical report of a commissioned study by the National Agency for Primary Health Care and UNICEF. Ibadan: University of Ibadan

Conference Proceedings

Moody, J. O., Ajayeoba, E. A., Adeboye, J. O.  and Ogundipe, O. O. (Eds.)(1999). Standardisation and Utilisation of Herbal Medicines. Proceedings of an International Workshop,  Ibadan: University of Ibadan,  p. 261

Ogundipe, O. O., Moody,  J. O. and Oluwole, F. S. and Fakeye T. O. (1999). Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities of selected Nigerian foods. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on herbal medicinal products. pp 138 – 146

Ogundipe, O. O., Moody,  J. O. and Odelola, H. A.  (1999). Biological activities of  Alchornea laxiflora extractives. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on herbal medicinal products. pp 201-208

Moody, J. O., Ajayi-obe, O. O. and Oki, A. Y. (1993). Antibacterial and Antifungal constituents of natural origin from Diospyros undabunda (Family Ebenaceae) – Possible use in food preservation and Dental care in the Tropics. Conference proceedings of the First International conference of the Third World Organisation of Women in Science (TWOWS).